Monitoring of programs, projects, conferences, and workshops affords critical opportunities to:

  • Fine-tune programs and avoid negative results
  • Shape outreach, delivery, and support to past, present, and potential users
  • Improve a program's recruitment, promotion, fundraising, and dissemination strategies
  • Craft very specific messages regarding those who have been affected by your program
  • Explain clearly how and why supporting the program in future holds added value for donors or grant-makers​

Evaluation will help you:

  • Enhance program visibility and value
  • Negotiate future cooperative agreements with partners
  • Articulate the value of supporting your program to potential funders
  • Make decisions about programmatic themes and new directions
  • Shape the future selection of program participants (criteria and processes)
  • Add material for public relations and promotional materials

How do you know that your efforts are achieving the intended results? GDI has over 30 years of experience in evaluating programs, conferences, and workshops all around the globe. We will help you maximize program effectiveness and meet grant and aid evaluation requirements through comprehensive mid-point monitoring and final evaluation. In addition, using guided interviews, focus groups and surveys, we can do pre-test and post-test measurements to identify critical impacts. We can gather reliable feedback from beneficiaries, stakeholders, implementers, and clients on strengths and challenges that reside in any program. Our evaluations have led to significant improvements in deliverables, from fine-tuning of materials to major restructuring of international programs.

Evaluation Research: “Review of the Women’s Rights and Citizenship Program Research Agenda—Latin America and the Caribbean, South/Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa,” International Development Research Centre

Methodology Review: Assessing the Sustainability of Small-Scale Infrastructure 
funded by the Tanzania Social Fund through Focus Group Discussions (The World Bank)
Evaluation Research: Country Assistance Review—Uganda: Focus Groups for Public and Private Sector Stakeholders (Operations Evaluation Department [now IEG],                   The World Bank)


From implementation of the World Bank's resettlement policy to the impact of hospital restructuring on nurses, GDI has examined complex issues with social science expertise. For this type of research, we use "triangulation" of methods (mixed methods), as appropriate, but especially focus groups, individual interviews, surveys, and analysis of existing data and organizational reports.


How do you know what clients and stakeholders need? What are their interests? What services and supports do they receive from other organizations? What services are falling between the cracks? GDI will carefully explore constituent needs so that you can target programs, messages, and materials for greatest effectiveness. A good needs assessment leads to realistic organizational priorities.

Evaluation of International Development

Research Centre's 

Examples of Evaluation Research and Policy Analysis

  • Evaluation of the Innovation Challenge Grant: Organizational Strategies Going Forward (World Bank Institute, World Bank Group)
  • Strengthening Evaluation to Improve Development Results (Inter-American Development Bank)
  • The CIS Gender Mosaic: Baseline Data for the Twelve CIS Countries 1996-2008 (UNIFEM)
  • Fulbright Executive Directors Worldwide: Needs Assessment, Program Structure, and Final Evaluation, Canada-U.S. Educational Foundation (Canada/US Fulbright Program)
  • Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Services for Patients in the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area (Office of HIV Planning, City of Philadelphia) 
  • Evaluation of UNESCAP's program to support Asian and Pacific countries in their efforts to achieve the MDGs by 2015 (UNESCAP)
  • Minority Perceptions of Rhode Island's Court System (RI Supreme Court, Permanent Committee on Women and Minorities)
  • Improving America's Schools: A Needs Assessment (U.S. Department of Education)


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Conducting comprehensive research using mixed methods, as appropriate: surveys, desk reviews, professional focus groups, surveys, key informant interviews, and executive interviews for data you can trust…creative, scientific approaches to avoid bias or misleading data.